The Great Adventure Bible TimelineWednesdays at 7.30 from 13 November

    A journey through the theology and history of the Bible. For anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic, who would like to understand the Bible better, to unlock its treasures, and to know how to apply its wisdom to our daily lives.


    Followed by time for discussion – bring a friend!


    Part 1: Tuesdays at 6pm

    5 October                   Introduction: Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

    12 October                 Early World: Setting the Plot for the Rest of the Story

    19 October                 Patriarchs: God’s Everlasting Promise to Abraham

    26 October                 Egypt & Exodus: God Leads Israel Out of Bondage

    Desert Wanderings: Israel Must Learn to Trust God


    Part 2: Tuesdays at 7.30pm (from 16 November)

    16 November             Conquest & Judges: Israel Enters the Promised Land

    Royal Kingdom: God Establishes a Kingdom in Israel

    23 November             Divided Kingdom: Tyranny Leads to Division

    Exile: God’s People are Removed from the Promised Land

    Return: Judah Returns to the Promised Land

    30 November             Maccabean Revolt: Faithful Jews Fight to Preserve their Identity

    Messianic Fulfilment (Part 1): Christ Jesus Fulfils God’s Promises

    1 December               Messianic Fulfilment (Part 2): The Church: Christ’s Work Continues