Tutor Plus 2: Maria Fidelis SchoolMaria Fidelis School

    Maria Fidelis School – Drummond Crescent, Euston

    Volunteering opportunities: The Reading Programme

    Venue: Maria Fidelis Convent School, is just 10-minute walk from UCL main quad (Drummond Crescent) near Euston Station.

     Reading Programme

    The Reading Programme involves working with an 11- or 12-year old student for two terms. You will be assigned to a tutee who needs help with their literacy skills and your duty will be to read aloud with them. Explore different learning techniques with your tutee in order to find a suitable one – each student learns differently. The student will usually bring a book of their choice, otherwise, books are available at the school’s library.


    Commitment: You will commit to one hour of tutoring each week. Sessions can take place at any time during school hours from Monday to Friday, because students will be pulled out of class for this programme. We will match the student’s timetable with your schedule.