Transforming through EducationMaria Fidelis School


    Tutor & Homework Club Education is one of the key components of social outreach. Not least because enabling others to make informed choices is an important step in promoting the common good.* The Tutor Plus project aims to increase the numeracy and literary skills of the students. It allows those who feel passionately about the transformative power of education to participate in developing the life skills and abilities of the local youth in our community. The Tutor Plus programme is essentially a homework club for the pupils of Maria Fidelis school. There is also the opportunity to deliver PowerPoint presentations and give talks to the 6th form pupils at Maria Fidelis about their A level choices. As well as explaining to them how to go about applying to University, writing their personal statements and what to expect once they get there. Maria Fidelis lower school is situated in North Gower Street. The tutor plus programme involves making a firm commitment of one hour per week for two terms. It takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:45pm to 4:00pm. Please remember to take into account the time it takes to travel there and back (on foot it takes about 10 minutes each way). Your total hours of service including travel time spread over the academic year will be around 30-hours.