Newman House – Residential Community

Newman House is a Residential Community of 63 Catholic Students, gathered from around the world (20 countries), studying at various levels at many of the institutions of higher learning in London. They have all chosen to live in community for one academic year, and to take the opportunity to deepen the life of faith in a happy and relaxed environment.

APPLY FOR 2020-21: Application form is at this link.

Are You

  • A Full Time Student? We accept applications from those who are engaged in a course of full-time study, for a period of not less than thirty-nine weeks (usually late-September until early June)
  • Catholic and interested in opting in to community life for a year?
  • 19-28 years of age?

If you can say yes to all of those, then you may be eligible to apply.

Look at the ‘Facilities for Residents’ page to find out a bit more about the house.