Friends & Alumni

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The Newman House motto is “Faith, Friendship, Community and Service”. When young people are drawn into a loving Catholic community, when they build deep friendships with their peers and their chaplains, they can grow in their Catholic faith and in their desire to serve others.

Many students attending London’s universities go on to become influential leaders in all areas of life, society and the Church, both in the UK and around the world. Our role is to ensure that their Catholic faith is supported and enriched. We want students and staff alike to experience the beauty of the Catholic faith, so that Christ’s love can transform and inspire the direction of their lives. He can change their lives for the good.

Never has our role been more important than today.

Demand for Catholic university chaplaincy is growing, from students and staff, and from the university institutions themselves. The facilities at Newman House need significant investment in order to meet today’s needs, and to be viable for future generations. Our strategic programmes of outreach to Catholic and non-Catholic students and staff at London’s universities also need financial support, so that we can reach out to all who are asking questions about faith during their time at university, and so that we can spread the message of the Gospel, and our Catholic faith, into the wider academic community.

For support we must turn to those who have experienced the life of Newman House at first hand, our ‘Alumni’, and to that wider group of friends who have a heart for young people and a desire to help them in these important years. We hope that all our young people can deepen their Catholic faith and have an encounter with Jesus Christ that will shape their lives and help them to remain close to him as they build their future.

We need your help and we are grateful for your support.

Fr Philip Miller
Senior Chaplain