There are exciting redevelopment plans underway, for Newman House Catholic Centre, and for the wider work of University Chaplaincy around the Diocese of Westminster.

The plans will involve creating a world-class Chaplaincy Centre at Newman House, in the heart of the university district, with a new and larger chapel, improved facilities for community life and faith formation, a new conference centre for academic engagement, greater inclusivity through disabled access, outward-facing public areas that will attract visitors and passers-by.

At the same time, the hope is to expand the provision of university chaplains and develop a pastoral programme for each university campus that will help students experience the beauty and relevance of the Catholic faith, and help them to grow in their commitment to faith, prayer, service, works of mercy, evangelisation and the discovery of their vocation.

More details to follow…

Catholic Chaplaincy to the Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education, Diocese of Westminster, London, UK

If you already have a strong faith, this is a chance to deepen it. If you are full of questions and doubts, this is a chance to share them and search for some honest answers about life and faith. Everyone is welcome. Don’t be shy. Come and visit Newman House or get in touch with your college chaplain directly.

This academic year (2016-17) we celebrate 50 years at Newman House, and there are extra jubilee events taking place throughout the year.

Catholic Chaplaincy to the Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education, Diocese of Westminster, London, UK

A Welcome Note From the Senior Chaplain

(copied from the Newman House Handbook):
Catholic Chaplaincy to the Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education, Diocese of Westminster, London, UK

On behalf of the whole chaplaincy team at Newman House I would like to give a very warm welcome to everyone involved in the life of the chaplaincy. We hope that this will be a year of blessing for you as you take up or continue your studies.

Newman House is a home for all Catholics who belong to the Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in the Diocese of Westminster, and for all those who are seeking to grow closer to Christ and his Church. It is a place where faith is deepened and friendships are formed, so that we can witness to our faith through lives of love, joy, generosity, service and a commitment to evangelisation.

The beginning of an academic year is always a time of expectation and excitement, both for those who are starting out and for those coming back to continue their time. It can also be a time or uncertainty and anxiety. Please be assured of God’s love for you, and of our desire to support you and walk with you.

We hope that everyone will feel welcome here at the Chaplaincy and in the various student Catholic Societies around the colleges. The Church is your home, your family – whatever your nationality, language, ethnicity, age or background; whatever your education or qualifications or career; whatever your politics or personal opinions; whatever your family situation or marital status or sexual orientation; whatever your faith or doubts or questions or struggles. The Chaplaincy is a place where each person can be loved and accepted for who they are; and where each person can grow in the love of God. Let us pray that each one of us – students, university staff, chaplains – can play our part in building a community of love and mercy, and sharing this with others.

With my fellow chaplains, I entrust all the students and staff at the Higher Education Institutions throughout the Diocese to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the prayers of Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, and to the intercession of Blessed John Henry Newman our Patron.

Fr Stephen Wang
Senior Chaplain