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    ACN – Online Event: #RedWednesday

    You are invited to #RedWednesday 2020

    – Our digital event!-


    The terror that many Christians face is something hard to comprehend in the West. Around the world, countless numbers of Christians are kidnapped, attacked or killed. Thousands more face discrimination and legal abuses in core aspects of their lives – housing, wages, education, access to healthcare and future prospects – and all because of their faithfulness to Christ.


    As events across the UK have been cancelled, we invite you all to join us for our digital #RedWednesday event, which will feature interviews with project partners around the world, a close up look at our work, music, prayer and more.


    This event will be able to be streamed from the ACN webpage at 4:00pm on Wednesday 25th November 2020.


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    Contact person: Errol Palmer

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    london university students in lourdes