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The income for the Chaplaincy comes from various sources: our Sunday collection; summer guests; surplus from the residence; Diocesan subsidies; donations and legacies. The coronavirus crisis has affected all of these income sources very significantly, and we are very concerned about our ability to support students and staff as the universities begin to re-open.

We know that this crisis is having a wide-ranging effect on many people, and we don’t want to put anyone under any kind of pressure. But some of you might be in a position to help. It will be greatly appreciated, and it will go directly to helping the Chaplaincy support the students and staff at our universities, and promote the Catholic presence in the academic world.

Are you able to:

  • Make a regular gift to the Chaplaincy, no matter what the size?
  • Make a one-off donation?
  • If you are a regular attendee to the Sunday Mass at Newman House, could you give your usual offertory donation as a regular online donation, for this period while the chapel is closed?

Perhaps you feel inspired to make a donation because of a special connection you have had with the Chaplaincy over the years, and your donation is a way of expressing your gratitude to the Chaplaincy. You might be:

  • One of our alumni who has had a positive experience of faith here – a former resident or a former Mass-goer
  • Someone who met their spouse here, or who was married here
  • A parent of a student who has lived here
  • Someone baptised, received or confirmed here
  • Someone with a deep desire to support the faith of young people
  • Someone with an interest in helping to bring the light of faith into the world of the secular academy

If you are able to consider making a gift, of any size, it would be a tremendous help. Please click the image below.

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