Discovering your vocation on Tottenham Court Road

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We had a very interesting evening at Mantovani’s Ice Cream Parlour on Friday evening! The National Office for Vocation is promoting the idea of parishes and chaplaincies putting on vocation events in unusual venues – getting people to come together, and bring friends and guests, outside the normal parish hall or presbytery.

So they asked Newman House Chaplaincy to stage an event like this, and brought a film grew along to make a promotional video they can share with others. Fr Stephen Wang gave a talk entitled “How to discover your vocation“, which ended with a short reflection on his own vocation story. Nearly 30 students came from all over London, and vast quantities of latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and gateau were consumed. We think it was a success, and the manager Serafino asked us to come back every Friday evening!

You can listen to the audio of the talk here:

For information about NOV see here:

And if you want some of the best ice cream in London visit Mantovani’s here:

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